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The Big Bang Theory pilot review

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The Big Bang Theory

two geeks live beside a babe

Type of Pilot: sit-com

Similar Shows: Three's Company, Stacked, We Got It Made

The Inner Light: bimbos can teach geeks about life

Strengths: Johnny Galeki and a perfect cast.

Weaknesses: We've seen all of this before.

Impressive Characters: I like the girl next door. The writers have downplayed her as a "bimbo" (or maybe that's just Kaley Cuoco's performance) and instead she comes across as genuinely sweet and innocent. She comes across as the perfect neighbour, not because she's hot, but because it's obvious that she's lovely. You get about half-way through the pilot before the writers clue us into the fact that she's a bit 'dumb'. Quite frankly, it doesn't add to the concept at all, and they should drop that idea, I think. Just make her normal, since the other four guys are so extreme.

Impressive Actors: Johnny Galecki has always been a favourie of mine (American Dreamer, Roseanne, My Boys). Kaley Cuoco is perfectly cast. She's beautiful and funny. Perfect for this role. Never seen Jim Parsons before, but he's very funny, too.

Continuity: Can't imagine that there will be any continuity in this. It's a by-the-numbers sit-com.

Rewatchability: Yeah, I could watch the pilot again. There are some good laughs in here.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

Great to see Johnny Galeki starring in a show.

It's funny. There are several laugh out loud moments.

Kaley Cuoco

Three Things I Really Don't Like About This Pilot:

There's nothing to dislike here. It's a standard sit-com and it's very well done.

Miscellaneous Comments:

Virtually the first half is one long scene, as the three main characters meet for the first time and share a meal together. And it works. One long scene of nothing but dialogue, and it really really works.


1 comment:

joy said...

I didn't expect much from this show at the beginning of this season, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The Big Bang Theory has actually become my favorite show this year.There are so many aspects of the show.The blending of intellectual and ridiculous is also very well done, so that neither is overwhelming.Keep it up, and keep this on TV!

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