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Women's Murder Club pilot review

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Women's Murder Club

a cop, medical examiner, reporter and D.A. work together to solve murders

Type of Pilot: Cop Drama

Similar Shows: Charlie's Angels (women of different hair colour solve crimes), any standard cop show.

The Inner Light: Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

Strengths: Angie Harmon

Weaknesses: It's just a cop show, and making the four leads women isn't much of a spin anymore. In 1975? Yes. Today? Not so much.

Impressive Characters: Lindsay Boxer is your typical TV cop. Tough, driven, focused to the point of ruining her own marraige. We've seen the character loads of times before, but Angie Harmon is so good here that I've willing to get interested. Jill Barnhart is the D.A. who is cheating on her boyfriend and - understandably conflicted about that. Warren Jacobi is Boxer's long-due-for-promotion partner. Claire Washburn is the medical examiner, with obligations on the homefront. Tom Hogan is Boxer's ex-husband and newly-married new boss. Finally, the six-strong cast is rounded out by Cindy Thomas, an adorable, enthusiastic junior reporter.

Impressive Actors: Angie Harmon. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, Angie Harmon is a great actress and she is simply rivetting on screen as Lindsay Boxer. Harmon is 100% committed to whatever she is doing. Laura Harris (one of the best-ever villians on 24) is great as the cheating D.A. Harris makes the character likable, as well as tough, and we can see her very-real conflict over her relationship issues. Tyrees Allen was so good as Boxer's partner I was sure he was going to get killed off and become a point of motivation for Boxer. Instead the show give him loads to do, and he was great (one of my favourite characters). Paula Newsome was the cast member who conveyed the friendship the best. Rob Estes (who was great on The Evidence. I really must finish watching that.) is great comic relief as Boxer's frustrated ex-husband. Always running around after her, trying to get her to stand still long enough to have a conversation. Finally, Aubrey Dollar is adorable and sincere as the over-eager reporter trying to get into the "Murder Club".

Less-Than-Impressive Characters: All six major characters come across very well. All are likable.

Less-Than-Impressive Actors: Strong cast. All round.

Continuity: While the cases will probably be wrapped up within the bounds of one hour, I imagine the soap opera elements will run from week to week quite strongly.

Rewatchability: Not a lot. I'd happily watch scenes with Angie Harmon over and over, but that hardly counts, does it?

Other Info: Here's a review from The Couch Tomato.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

Angie Harmon.

Lindsay Boxer.

Um, Angie Harmon as Lindsay Boxer?

Miscellaneous Comments:

Average cop show, with a dated idea, and a great cast. I'll watch for Angie Harmon.



Anonymous said...

When is the show returning to TV. I really enjoyed watching it on Fridays. Please let me know at Thank you

RikerDonegal said...

Not sure when it's back, to be honest, but I do know that there are three episodes being produced.

Ignoring Friday Night Lights renders the Emmy's meaningless.

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