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Prison Break season three episode reviews

PhotobucketSeason 3, Episode 1. "Orientación" The first episode of the new season is a fresh start for the show. We have a new location, a few new characters and the coolest (and best) characters from last year. In terms of regulars, the show is really giving us a dream team here. The new location is awesome, it looks nothing like anything the show has given us before and it really does feel like a brand new series. Even better, you get hints as to what might lay ahead. Prison Break is a clever show, and we are - I feel - in safe hands with these writers.

Season 3, Episode 2. "Fire/Water" Another great outing from this show that bears only a passing resemblence to the Prison Break of old. Lots more running around in the dirt/filth in this episode. Some political lines were formed/strengthened, and Michael showed us all at home - once again - what a clever hero his is. Great fun.

Season 3, Episode 3. "Call Waiting" Some of my friends (one of the very closest I have, in fact) is contemplating parting company with Prison Break. I'm not. Which got me thinking. We all watch it for different reasons, I guess. All of us. And the elements that enthrall me are still in place (I hope). I like seeing the various bonds form between this group of Alpha Males, I like the way the scripts can - first - mis-direct me and - second - surprise me. And, of the three locations we've had in the show (Fox River, America, this Panama Prison), the current one is easily my favourite. I love this dirty, grimy place and I can't wait to go back next week and find out what Michael has discovered.

As for what's in the box? My guess? The head of the guard that couldn't stop Linc.

Season 3, Episode 4. "Good Fences" When Chicago Hope killed Alan Birch I stopped watching. I felt so upset and betrayed by the manner of his death that I gave up on the show completely. I'm not giving up on Prison Break, but I am just as upset and betrayed by the manner of the death in this episode.

Sure, the character took up less screen-time than most and - as the show went on - seemed to be less and less relevant to the story. However, this was a beloved character, and this was not a fitting exit.

Season 3, Episode 5. "Interference" The best episode of the season so far. This one is short on ambience (rats and sweat) and long on plot (Michael has a plan and it goes into motion). Being Prison Break there are some twists along the way, and there is a real sense of excitement (for the first time) about the escape.

Season 3, Episode 6. "Photo Finish" PB has totally hit it's stride by this stage in the third season, and there is much to savour in this fantastic episode. It's fun to see Michael's plan finally go into action, and it's a total blast to see Michael and Alex working side by side for a common goal.

Season 3, Episode 7. At it's best, Prison Break is equal to the best of 24. And there is no better example than "Vamonos" the second hour of the recent two-hour installment. The tension from start to finish is incredible. We start with Whistler & Michael preparing to fight to the death, we follow up with their failed escape bid, and a genuine fight to the death, interrupted by the discovery of the escape bid. After this the twists come hard and fast. One concering Lechero, the guy in charge, and the other concerning Whistler, who is not at all what he appears to be. Even then, in a glorious final shot, the show has one more surprise up it's sleeve.

And that's just the stuff inside the prison! Plots for Mahone and Lincoln/Sucre are among the most exciting the show has ever delivered. Ever. Plus, we are witnessing some of the most evil bad guys in the show's history. I cannot wait to see their commuppance. Now that it is back on form, PB is shout-at-the-TV-screen-brilliant once again. And it's great to have it back.

Season 3, Episode 8. "Bang & Burn" A large part of this season has revolved around Linc being pushed around and defeated at every turn. Frustrating to watch, but there is satisfaction in knowing that there will be a pay-off, and Linc will - somehow - come out on top. This episode may be start of that turning point. In the midst of all the action in the prison, we see Sucre and Linc out in the woods renting a deserted cabin and recoding some sound effects for use at some unspecified future date. Even better, in yet another stand-off with the bad guys, Linc finally manages to score a win for the Good Guys. In cool fashion, too. With excellent support from the ever-loyal Sucre. It's just a pity Susan (boo! hiss!) wasn't there to suffer. Maybe next time...

Season 3, Episode 9. "Boxed In" The key elements of a great Prison Break episode are in place here: you are constantly wondering things like "What is Michael up to?" "How will [fill-in-the-blank] get out of this?" "I can't believe [fill-in-the-blank] has happened" and "What can possibly happen next?". Yes, of course, the plotting of Linc and Sucre was a tad simplistic but - of course - it's perfectly in tune with the character of Linc, who is all thunder and bluster and not much in the way of subtlety or cleverness. It's absolutely fascinating to watch the uneasy alliances between Michael and Whistler or T-Bag and Alex. Yes, it's exactly what they did back in Season One, but who cares? They do it so well, I'm more than happy to go along for the ride once again. Best bit? Bellick wins his fight. Holy Frak!

Season 3, Episode 10. "Dirt Nap" Since he first appeared at the start of Season 2 (in his ill-fitting suit) Alex Mahone has been one of my favourite PB characters. That is saying a lot, considering the calibre of characters on the show. But what's not to love? It was such an audiacious move on the part of the writers: creating a new character who is every bit as clever as Michael, but a lot more dangerous. Genius. And, like everyone else, I loved following his story through the second season of the show.

Season 3 has brought forth a new Alex Mahone. And, while it has been a pleasure to watch William Fichtner do his thing as a drugged-out Alex I have been missing the Alex of old. The dangerous one. So imagine my delight when he re-appears at the start of this episode. He seems to have beaten a lot of his personal demons, and he is thinking clearly again. As usual, he is the only one in the room who knows what is going on in Michael's head. Wasn't that final scene between them absolutely wonderful? And, as the series progresses, I can see him taking on a sort of protector role for Michael and - ultimately - redeeming himself by laying down his life to save the Scofields.

Season 3, Episode 11. "Under & Out" Prison Break is all about putting a group of Alpha Males together, forcing them to solve a common problem and watching to see how long it is before they turn on one another. This is a great episode for watching the cracks start to appear in the hastily-built team. Once again, Alex Mahone continues to wow me with regard to his apparent loyalty (?) to Michael. It can only end badly for Alex, but it's great to see this wonderful character start to redeem himself.

Season 3, Episode 12. "Hell or High Water" Any doubts that Prison Break might be passed it's prime are shattered by this superb episode. Tension beyond belief. Michael cleverly lets the three bullies of the group get their just deserts. Nice. Once he and the three good guys of the group get out, we have a prolonged and fantastic chase. While Sucre gets into more and more trouble. Rivetting. Television at it's best.

Season 3, Episode 13. "The Art of the Deal" Well, if that has to be the end of Prison Break (the final end of Prison Break) then it's a pretty cool way to go. Yes, we have a few loose ends but - if FOX fail to renew the show - we did get an episode which provided a huge sense of closure. Linc gets his son back, and he gets the girl. Whistler's true colours are shown, and so are Alex's (that shocked me, I confess). T-Bag gets to rise to the top of the pyramid inside Sona. Only Sucre and Michael get a raw deal, really. With unresolved storylines that will - hopefully - get picked up in a 4th season. All that aside, it's a zippy, fun episode. The opening chase sequence with Whistler is great. And, from then on in, it's great to watch Michael and Gretchen match wits. It's even better to see him winning...

From A Briefing With Michael.

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