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Fred Astaire on Battlestar Galactica

So great to read an enthusiastic review of an episode from the original Battlestar Galactica. Click here.

Two of my favourite sci-fi shows from the '70s tend to get a hard time from critics and various books on the subject. If they don't attack Battlestar Galactica, then they have a go at Space:1999.

And I shake my head in confusion. And, no matter what I am reading, I tend to think a little less of the writer. These shows are two of the best examples of the genre, and they were both way ahead of their time. So, if you can't step outside your own preconceived notions and genuinely evaluate something on it's own merits, how am I supposed to respect what you have to say about everything else?

So... great to read an enthusiastic review from someone I do respect. Yay!

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