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TMGLost said...

I'm with you on 'Modern Family' - not great, but I'm probably gonna stick with it cuz my wife loves comedies, and with 'My Name Is Earl' and 'Scrubs' gone and mostly-gone, respectively, this pretty much fills the gap for her - she DID laff out loud a few times. ME? I'm in it for Sofia Vergara, if nothing else - yowza! But Ed O'Neil and Julie Bowen pretty much rock as well.

And, FYI - you are not the only GLEE-hater. I watched one episode and could not believe how annoyed I was by every aspect of it. An accapella version of "I Want To Sex You Up"? Maybe it was kind of tongue in cheek, but that doesn't make me actually want to endure it! Awful, awful, awful at every turn. Blech. P-tooie.

Anonymous said...

USA is the best channel to watch because its so much better than Modern Family. And if your wife likes comedy she should watch things like Psych or The Office on NBC. But yes... Glee is horrible because there is no need of an adult version of high school musical.

Besides another reason to watch the office over modern family is as this guy at says its developing into a more storyline based show.

Ignoring Friday Night Lights renders the Emmy's meaningless.

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