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The Incredible Hulk

I've been looking for a Production Order guide for a while, as I would like to watch the series that way, if possible.

Finding nothing, I used the codes at to make my own. I had to adjust it somewhat, to accomodate the two-parters, but it makes interesting reading. It groups the show more easily into seasons of equal length and gives the series a 'big finish', of sorts, with The First.

Has anyone seen the show listed like this? Or do you know of a better production order list? Something which reflects true continuity.

Season 1

48501 The Incredible Hulk
48502 Death in the Family
50103 Terror in Times Square
50104 The Final Round
50105 Of Guilt, Models, and Murder
50106 The Beast Within
50107 A Child in Need
50108 747
50109 The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas
50112 The Waterfront Story
50113 Earthquakes Happen
50114 Never Give a Trucker an Even Break
50115 Life and Death
50119 Ricky

Season 2

50721 Married
50701 Escape from Los Santos
50702 Rainbow's End
50705 The Antowuk Horror
50708 Killer Instinct
50709 Wildfire
50710 Stop the Presses
50712 Vendetta Road
50714 Alice in Disco Land
50717 Another Path
50718 Like a Brother
50720 A Solitary Place
50725 The Haunted
50726 No Escape
50727 Mystery Man, part 1
50733 Mystery Man, part 2
50728 Blind Rage
50729 Kindered Spirits
50731 The Disciple
50734 The Confession
50737 The Slam
50740 The Quiet Room

Season 3

53001 Metamorphosis
53002 Falling Angels
53003 Jake
53005 Sideshow
53007 The Psychic
53011 The Snare
53014 Homecoming
53016 My Favorite Magician
53017 Behind the Wheel
53022 Brain Child
53024 Captive Night
53027 Broken Image
53028 The Lottery
53029 Babalao
53030 Long Run Home
53031 Proof Positive
53034 Deathmask
53035 A Rock and a Hard Place
53036 Goodbye Eddie Cain
53039 Equinox
53040 Nine Hours
53045 On the Line
53049 Prometheus, part 1
53050 Prometheus, part 2

Season 4

55403 Wax Museum
55404 Bring Me the Head of the Hulk
55405 Slaves
55406 The Harder They Fall
55410 Danny
55412 Triangle
55414 Fast Lane
55416 Deep Shock
55417 East Winds
55419 Veteran
55420 Dark Side
55421 Free Fall
55422 The First, part 1
55435 The First, part 2
55423 Sanctuary
55424 Patterns
55425 A Minor Problem
55426 Half Nelson
55427 The Phenom
55429 Interview with the Hulk
55431 King of the Beach
55437 Two Godmothers

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