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#1 Community: Because it's so clever. Nearly every episode is like an 'event', waiting to see what Dan Harmon is going to come up with next . In many ways it raises the art of television storytelling to a new level. And it's funny. 10/10

#2 Happy Endings*: Because it's hilarious. And it hit the ground running (even more than Breaking In). All six characters are perfectly defined and cast. Any one of them can steal the show at any given moment (My feelings on who my favourite is changes from episode to episode). Finally: the pace. There's enough jokes in one episode for two episodes of anything else. Amahzing. 10/10

#3 Parks and Recreation: Because Leslie Knope is wonderful and I adore her. Also: the show is funny & clever, and the characters are unique. Ron Swanson who may be the coolest guy to hit TV since Fonzie! 10/10

#4 Breaking In: Because this show hit the ground running. Instantly cool, likable and hilarious. In particular Michael Rosenbaum was awesome. This is one of those few/rare shows where you constantly go back to rewatch certain scenes. And laugh every time. 10/10

#5 Rules of Engagement: Because it makes me laugh, loudly, for a half-hour every week. I like all the characters and all the cast, especially Patrick Warburton. I like the fact that, six seasons ago, it set out to be about something, and all this time later still is. And I really, really loved the Wendi McLendon-Covey story arc. 9/10

#6 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia*: Because it's funny and unique. Because I love the way the show's stories are driven by these gloriously reprehensible characters diving into a different all-consuming passion/mission every week. 9/10

#7 The Big Bang Theory: Because it makes me laugh, loudly, for a half-hour every week. I like the characters. I relate to the characters (oh, boy, do I ever!). And... the show has done wonders with the female characters this year. I love that development so much. 9/10


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