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Californication pilot review

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a blocked writer has a lot of sex

Type of Pilot: comedy/drama

Similar Shows: Mind Of The Married Man, Dream On

The Inner Light: sex, not love

Strengths: David Duchovny is excellent as the lead character. Simply superb. He brings less of Fox from X-Files, and more of Jake from Red Shoe Diaries. World-weary (and horny!). Natascha McElhone is likewise perfect as his ex-lover and the mother of his daughter. She maintains this air of amusement/bemusment when she's on-screen with Duchovny that is just a joy to watch. Madeleine Martin is also very good as the daughter. And Madeline Zima steals the show as one of the hero's many conqests. I want to see more of her. All of the women in this show have an air about them. Sexiness and intelligence.

Weaknesses: None. They nailed it. You don't see shows like this on TV very often, so I'm gonna savour this one.

Impressive Characters: The lead character is fantastic. Yes, he's a shit. But, he's great TV. I really want to see what he does next. And that's what a pilot should leave you feeling.

Impressive Actors: David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Madeleine Martin, Madeline Zima.

Less-Than-Impressive Actors: Everybody in the pilot is top notch. Evan Handler doesn't get a lot to do as the agent, but he's a fantastic actor so I'm sure he'll excel when it comes to his turn.

Continuity: Not a lot, I'd say.

Rewatchability: Not a lot. Although, it was funny and cool the first time, I'm more keen to move on to episode two now.

Other Info: It's on Showtime, so there is a lot of nudity. Kinda like Duchovny's last show for them The Red Shoe Diaries.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

David Duchovny

Natascha McElhone

Madeline Zima

Miscellaneous Comments:

I love shows with central characters like this: Mind Of The Married Man, Slap Maxwell. He's a bit of a mess, really. Not a great boyfriend, not much of a writer (he's blocked), not a very nice person, and certainly not a great father. But, he is great TV.


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