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Moonlight pilot review

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vampire private-eye

Type of Pilot: Fantasy Drama

Similar Shows: Forever Knight, Blood Ties, Angel

Strengths: Alex O’Loughlin

Weaknesses: Seen it all before.

Impressive Characters: None.

Impressive Actors: Alex O’Loughlin is very impressive as the hero of the piece. He's got a cool private-eye vibe going on (especially in the daytime scenes with his dark glasses) and he's equally cool when he bears fangs for the superheroics. The other stand-out in the pilot is Jason Dohring as his best friend.

Less-Than-Impressive Characters: All of the characters are pretty blah in the pilot.

Less-Than-Impressive Actors: Sophia Myles wasn't especially memorable as the hero's love interest (damsel in distress).

Continuity: Probably be light. Case-Of-The-Week scenarios with subtle continuity elements.

Rewatchability: None.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

Alex O’Loughlin

Jason Dohring

The action sequence at the end was good.

Three Things I Really Don't Like About This Pilot:

It's just a copy of Forever Knight

It's just a copy of Angel

It's just a copy of Blood Ties

Miscellaneous Comments:

It's been a few months since I saw this pilot. I liked it. But I haven't felt compelled to go back and watch more. Just yet.

Just watched Episode 2. Click here to read my review. And click here to read my reviews for episodes 1 to 16.



starbucksjunkie said...

OK, so the Pilot wasn't great. I agree. But give it another try, pretty please? I think you'll find that it has gotten WAAAAAYYYYYYYY better. Second epi reruns Dec 28. "Fever," the fourth epi, is a real turning point.

Thanks for your comment!

RikerDonegal said...

Posting (finally) the review of the pilot whet my appetite for more. So, last night, I watched the second episode and (I freely admit) I really, really enjoyed it.

I will be posting a detailed review later in the day and I'll put a link to it here on this site/blog.

Much better than the pilot, I agree. Thanks for posting.

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