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Fast Track pilot review


Fast Track

the lives of four characters criss-cross when each of them gets involved with the world of illegal street racing

Type of Pilot: Action; Soap

Similar Shows: Fastlane, LA Heat, any show which balances a gun battle with a good old fashioned car chase!

Strengths: Interesting characters, good stunts

Weaknesses: None, really. It strikes me as a pilot that came out as a perfect example of what it was meant to be.

Impressive Characters: Eric is a cop, who secretly street races for thrills. On the job, he's fairly straight-laced, but off the job... he's still fairly straight-laced but he loves to drive fast! Katie runs a garage and funds it from speed-racing, she's sleeeping with Eric but doesn't seem to love him and is willing to sleep with the bank guy to try to keep her sinking business afloat. Mike's got a shady past, but he's trying to race for Katie and put all that behind him. Even so, he agrees to work for a gangster. Nicole is bored with her rich, safe life-style. She's a trophy wife and her husband understands that she has to have a life beyond him and doesn't seem to mind that that may involve sleeping with Mike. The lives of these four characters intersect in various ways. Various members of the quartet have issues with someone else in the "group" but the writer finds ways to make them work together and it gives the whole thing and interesting dynamic.

Impressive Actors: Joseph Beattie is probably the best of the bunch, he brings a real edge to the role. And it's always good to see Maurice Roëves in something. He's great here as the heroine's wise father-figure.

Less-Than-Impressive Characters: Even the minor characters were cool and interesting. For instance, one of the cops featured had some hilarious stuff while on stake-out.

Less-Than-Impressive Actors: Alexia Barlier is probably the weakest of the bunch. She didn't seem to commit fully to some of her lines, but her enthusiasm for the role carried her over most of the pilot. She giggled and smiled and laughed a lot as if she was having fun (which is what the character is meant to be doing) and it won me over. Her sexy accent helped.

Continuity: Assuming this goes forward as a series, I presume it'll have a large element of continuity, as various things that happened in the pilot come back to haunt the characters.

Rewatchability: Not a lot. It was fun to watch once, now I just want to see what happens next.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

The four main characters

The stunts (there was only two of them, but they were good)

The German setting

Miscellaneous Comments:

I would love to see more. I particularly like Nicole's open marriage and I would love to see what happens as she gets closer to Mike.


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