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Jesse Stone


Jesse Stone

troubled small-town cop

Type of Pilot: Police Drama

Similar Shows: In The Heat Of The Night (it's a small town)

Strengths: Great location filming, lots of wind and rain, a damaged hero and a bleak visual style.

Weaknesses: The murder case, in this first movie, fell into place a bit too easily. But, with a show like this, that's hardly the point. In this show, we are watching the character of Jesse Stone and how he copes with his life. (Mostly be getting drunk and staring out into the stormy seas.)

Impressive Characters: Jesse Stone, the central character, is an ex-sports star, ex-big-city-cop, with a drinking problem and a lot of heartache in his life. Yet, he can reach to others who are in pain and offer a rock of comfort.

Impressive Actors: The entire cast is great, but it was particularly wonderful to see Kohl Sudduth (of Grosse Pointe) being such a perfect sidekick for Tom Selleck. And Viola Davis (of Traveler) has a strong role here as another no-nonsense cop.

Less-Than-Impressive Characters: Vito Rezza was given very little to do as Tony D'Angelo and Stephen McHattie (one of the very best actors out there) was likewise undersued as Captain Healy.

Continuity: Not having read the books I have no idea how things progress and how much Jesse changes. If at all.

Rewatchability: Lots. Slowing-moving drama, where the hero drives around in the rain and ponders his sorry lot in life. I could watch that anytime!

Other Info: Based on the book series by Robert B. Parker.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

Tom Selleck.

The interesting lead character.

The location.

Miscellaneous Comments:

It's bleak and sad and engrossing. And very, very good.


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