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Me And The Chimp

Me And The Chimp

Jan 1972-May 1972, CBS Thu 8:00

001 My Pet, The Thief
002 Mike's Day With Buttons
003 Mike the Matchmaker
004 One Romantic Evening
005 Tennis Anyone?
006 Mike's Burglar Alarm
007 Mike's Big Act
008 The Lost Flashlight
009 The Paint Job
010 The Ghost Town
011 Mike's Night In
012 Hoop-Lah
013 Liz's Allergy

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Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: Mike Reynolds was a happily married dentist living in the suburban Southern California community of San Pascal. He and his wife, Liz, had two young children and a small chimpanzee named Buttons. Buttons had been found in a local park by the two Reynolds children, Scott and Kitty, and had been brought home as a pet. Despite Mike's objections, Buttons became a regular member of the household, having been given that name because of his infatuation with pushing any and all buttons he found on appliances, radios, cars, dental equipment, or anything else he got his little hands onto. Though very friendly and affectionate, Buttons caused all sorts of problems with his curiousity about almost everything and managed to get the entire household into difficult situations. It always seemed to be Mike's responsibility to get them out. - Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh

Total Televison: One of the most dismal failures of the 1971-1972 season, Me And The Chimp somehow limped through ninteen weeks before its well-deserved cancelation. Created by Garry Marshall and Tom Miller (who later worked together on Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley), it told the story of a dentist who was persuaded by his two children to take in a runaway chimpanzee. - Alex McNeil

TV Guide Guide To TV: A dentist and his family adopt a rambunctious pet... a chimpanzee named Buttons. Not surprisingly, the chimp's antics drew the family into a variety of misadventures, involving everything from the PTA to the country-club set. - The Editors Of TV Guide

Halliwell's Television Companion: A family adopts a chimp. Simple-minded would be a charitable way of describing the level of humour. - Leslie Halliwell with Philip Purser


Ted Bessell as Mike Reynolds

Anita Gillette as Liz Reynolds

Scott Kolder as Scott Reynolds

Kami Cotler as Kitty Reynolds

Jackie as Buttons

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