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Leverage pilot review



thieves help ordinary folk defeat bigger thieves

Type of Pilot: Comedy; Action;

Similar Shows: Hustle (good crooks cleverly outwit bad crooks), Mission; Impossible (good spies cleverly outwit bad spies), Three (thieves with special talents team up), The A-Team (a mysterious group helps ordinary folk)

The Inner Light: If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...

Strengths: Light fun.

Weaknesses: See it before.

Impressive Characters: Nate Ford, the "one honest man" in the group is interesting. His quest to get revenge for the death of his son makes him stand out from the crowd a bit. He's the Jim Phelps of this group, the one with the plan. The rest of them are typical of the characters you find in this kind of thing.

Impressive Actors: Aldis Hodge was the best thing about the pilot. He's cool and all his one-liners hit the mark. He's not the main character here, but he should be. Gina Bellman is also a bit of scene-stealer. She's very sexy and her chemistry with Timothy Hutton is right where it should be.

Less-Than-Impressive Characters: All the characters are typical of what you find in this kind of thing.

Less-Than-Impressive Actors: Christian Kane (one of my favourite actors) seemed curiously off his game in this one, and Beth Riesgraf was the absolute weak link in the cast. I bought none of what she did.

Continuity: Can't imagine that there will be much.

Rewatchability: None.

Three Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

Aldis Hodge

Gina Bellman

Timothy Hutton

Three Things I Really Don't Like About This Pilot:

Christian Kane

Beth Riesgraf

The "twist" halfway through the pilot was predictable.

Miscellaneous Comments:

Exactly what it sounds like. Nothing more, nothing less. Done right, it could be fun.


1 comment:

r said...

i have a random question. does anyone know the artist singing on the previews for this show? sounds a little like amy winehouse.


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