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Once A Hero

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Once A Hero

Sept 1987-Oct 1987, ABC 8:00

001 Believers
002 Triangle
003 The Return of Lazarus
004 Things Get Ugly
005 Manos Arriba, Mrs. Greely
006 Remember The Cottonwood
007 Thank You, Captain Justice

Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: The first cancellation of the 1987-1988 season was this fantasy-adventure about a cartoon superhero who crossed the "Forbidden Zone" into the real world because he feared his comic strip was about to be canceled. Captain Justice (and his alter ego, mild-mannered professor Brad Steele) hoped to revitalize his creator, legendary cartoonist Abner, with real-world adventures. However, he found that once he was here his super-powers didn't work; no crashing through walls, no deflected bullets, and no one awed by his bright red tights. Cartoon detective Gumshoe (that's right, floppy hat, Sam Spade sneer) also came from fictional Pleasantville into the real world to help Justice battle such adversaries as Max Mayhem and Lobsterman, but it was all uphill. Emma was a suspicious newspaper reporter, and Woody her 12-year-old son.
Once A Hero was cancelled after only three weeks, before an already-filmed episode guest starring Adam West ("Batman") could even air. It's tough in the real world. - Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh

Total Televison: Only three episodes of this hour comedy-adventure series were shown. Its premise was interesting - a comic-book superhero decides to cross the "Forbidden Zone" into the real world after realizing that that people weren't reading his comics anymore. Featured were Captain Justice (the Crimson Crusader), who learned to his surprise after crossing the zone that he had no superpowers in the real world; Gumshoe, the private eye who accompanied Justice from the comic book world; cartoonist Abner Bevis, their creator; nosy reporter Emma Greely; Emma's young son, Woody; and Captain Justice's girlfriend, Rachel Kirk, who also crossed the "Forbidden Zone." Dusty Kay created the series. - Alex McNeil

TV Guide Guide To TV: A superhero (Captain Justice) crosses the "Forbidden Zone" of his comic strip into the real world, hoping to rekindle readers' fading interest in him. Trouble is, he has no powers in his new environment. Few viewers cared: only three episodes aired. - The Editors Of TV Guide


Jeff Lester as Captain Justice/Brad Steele

Robert Forster as Gumshoe

Milo O'Shea as Abner Bevis

Josh Blake as Woody Greely

Caitlin Clarke as Emma Greely

David Wohl as Eddie Kybo

Dianne Kay as Rachel Kirk

William Griffis as Gent

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