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Z Rock pilot review

Z Rock

Z Rock
rock band by night, kids party band by day

Type of Pilot: Comedy

Similar Shows: Flight Of The Conchords (comedy about musicians trying to make it big), Entourage (friends living the dream),

The Inner Light: Um, rock stars get laid?

Strengths: Likeable cast

Weaknesses: Very thin premise (they are a real rock group at night, but pay the bills by playing for kids parties during the day). However, a thin premise won't matter much if the show is funny and we like the characters.

Impressive Characters: I liked their manager. And, though her scene was short, I like the girlfriend that one member of the band has. She seems ill-suited to the world of rock bands and that can lead to comedy.

Impressive Actors: Lynne Koplitz is the stand-out here, she's gorgeous and very funny. The three males leads are likeable, but don't seem to be the best actors. They seem to be playing themselves and they can carry it, which works just fine here. Koplitz however, as their manager, is in a different league. Having her in the cast, to counterpoint the guys, is a stroke of genius.

Continuity: I imagine their lives will go from random disaster to random disaster without many soap-opera elements. But I could be wrong. I thought that about Flight Of The Conchords, too, and it was highly serialized for much of it's first season.

Rewatchability: Some. It was easy going and would certainly pass another half-hour in re-runs or on DVD

Other Info: ZO2 is a real Brooklyn-based rock band signed to New York indie label, Riker Hill Records.

Four Things I Really Like About This Pilot:

Lynne Koplitz

The female nudity. Many off-network shows include topless scenes at some stage. Sometimes it's very much a part of the world being depicted (The Sopranos) and sometimes it is gratuituously tacked on (Dream On) and sometimes it is included as re-filmed scenes on the DVD release (Blade)! But, never has it made more sense than in a show about rock stars. I mean, c'mon, it's a show about rock stars and it's aimed at adults, they have to show this kind of stuff or we won't take it seriously.

These guys can rock! The music is good. The lead singer has a great voice and the show - wisely - allows us to hear the band in action.

The theme tune is a classic example of telling-you-the-premise-in-a-song. I like it. Makes me lonesome for the days when every TV show had a TV Theme.

One Thing I Really Don't Like About This Pilot:

Thin premise. But, again, if they make it funny then that won't matter. Flight Of The Conchords has an even thinner premise, but the episodes are so inventive and funny that it's doesn't matter any more what it is supposed to be about. Z Rock runs at a more relaxed pace, so what it's all about might be more important. Time will tell, I guess.

Miscellaneous Comments:

It's certainly amusing, but it ambles along without any sense of zest or purpose. Seems like this will be about a bunch of guys who can't seem to make it big, or get their big break. However this first episode paints them as very ordinary, very nice guys. And, as I see it, characters who fail in sit-coms are failing because of their own flaws. The more exaggerated the flaws are the more amusing we will find it. In theory. These guys aren't exactly flawed. What do they do to screw things up in the opening episode? Um, they overslept. Yes, it was after partying with some groupies but still... it's hardly a fatal character flaw, is it? Wanting to sleep with hot groupies?
Never mind me, I've overanalysing. It was funny in places, so I will watch it again.


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