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5 Funny Scenes

NewsRadioSaw these recently:

Z Rock. "Season 1, Episode 9" There's a great scene where Dina (Lynne Koplitz) has an argument with her aunt (Joan Rivers) over money and stuff. Thing is: Rivers is doing her QVC show at the time, the phone call is live on air and Rivers keeps trying to interest her niece in buying a watch.

Supernatural. Season 4, Episode 8. "Wishful Thinking" The boys find a town where wishes come true and when a mysterious creature steals booze and porn mags from a corner store they follow the trail... to a little girl in a suburban house (!) who wished that her teddy bear was real.

Well the teddy bear is real, alright. Real, belligerent and depressed.

The scene is funny because... hey! it's a big angry teddy bear watching CNN, and because the reactions of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are priceless.

Arrested Development. Episode 2. "Top Banana" Mid-way through this episode we get a quick scene, from CCTV footage, of Gob - the magician in the family - buying a dove for his act.

The store owner asks Gob if he wants a box and Gob arrogantly refuses. Declaring, as he is wont to do, that he is 'a magician'.

He then walks triumphantly to the door... bumps up against it and kills the poor dove in his pocket.

Corner Gas. Season 5, Episode 13. "Outside The Box" The pre-titles sequence finds Hank trying out a new 'joke' on Brent and Wanda. Basically this involves saying 'that's what she said!' after the others speak. After this has happened a few times, Brent and Hank have a quick Q&A with regard to double entendres and the correct use of that particular catchphrase.

At which point Davis, who had been filling his car with gas outside, pops his head in the door to complain to Brent that there's a problem because Brent's nozzle is way too big and won't come out.

Cut to Hank: Standing in oblivious wonder.

Long silence.

. Season 3, Episode 8. "Movie Star" James Caan visits and Matthew (Andy Dick) turns into a nervous wreck because he idolises Caan and because Caan can be very intimidating.

There are many wonderful moments, made really, really funny because of Caan's reactions, but the highlight - for me - comes when Matthew asks for an autograph then loses the pen inside his own clothing and proceeds to do a wriggly dance to get the pen to fall back out.

Best of this bunch? Supernatural (a real teddy bear)

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