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My Boys season three episode reviews

My Boys
Season 3, Episode 1. "Welcome Back, Kalla Fötter" Bobby doesn't get married.

Man, it seems like a long time since the cliff-hanger that ended season 2. And, to be honest, much as I love this show, it took me a while to get back 'into' the situation again.

The first half of the episode was very much like an extended 'catch-up' and - to be honest - I think the show could have skipped it, and brought us back to the characters 'several weeks' later.

Anyway, what's important is that PJ told Bobby how she feels and the ending was simply wonderful. Television to make you cheer and leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling for the rest of the evening.


Season 3, Episode 2. "Private Eyes" The show deals with the PJ/Bobby romance by not writing about it, at all. Instead, we see how it will affect the group and - as a by-product - we get to see what a cool couple PJ and Bobby really are.

Not only is this a very funny show (and serious contender for funniest show on TV) it's also a major 'feel good' show. This is a good bunch of people, and they are cool to hang with.

Season 3, Episode 3. "The Boyfriend Hat" PJ gets her own column, but is it because she is hot? Andy advises Bobby on being a good boyfriend. Mike and Kenny realise that they are treated better in a new club, when they are with Brendan.

Lots of funny scenes, and a typically enjoyable episode, but it lacks focus. It lacks a central engine to drive the episode. The did-PJ-get-the-job-because-she's-hot? storyline is surprisingly awkward and lacking in insight. Doing pretty much the same story with Brendan is a stroke of genius, however, and leads to some very funny (and oddly surreal) moments.

Andy, as ever, steals the episode with his one-liners and advice to Bobby. Advice which, as anyone who has read "Men Are From Mars..." will tell you, is actually pretty damn good. Way to go, Andy!!!

However, since the episode is called "The Boyfriend Hat" I was expecting more of this Andy/Bobby stuff, than two/three scenes. Almost as if this was two or three scripts combined into one episode. Too many strong ideas, not enough time to develop them all.

Season 3, Episode 4. "Decathlon: Part Deux" The gang competes in a board game decathlon, while Stephanie wants to write about the guys for a Cosmo article and PJ tries to cope with criticism from Bobby.

A so-so episode. Many, many scenes are devoted to watching the gang goof off. Fans will find this amusing. New viewers? Not so much.

The show is doing a great job, I feel, of writing PJ and Bobby as a couple. Adjusting to one another as partners, instead of friends. By keeping these moments are b-plot stuff in the episodes it seems more natural somehow.

I liked the Stephanie storyline. The scene with Andy at home was hilarious and the ending (where she had something good to say about men) was unexpected and clever.

So, a so-so episode. With the season being so short, I kinda feel like this was a waste of an episode somehow.

Season 3, Episode 5. "Carpe Burritoem" Kenny and Andy in a band, PJ advising Brendan on everything, Mike and Bobby acting as dummies at Stephie's seminar on dumping guys.

Much better than last week, with strong stories for everyone and many very funny moments. While the Kenny/Andy stuff could be from any sit-com the show still manages to make it fresh and fun. The other stories were more unique to this show, playing up one of the strengths of the show: PJ is a girl among guys and knows more than they do about some stuff.

Season 3, Episode 6. "Madder of Degrees" Spring weather makes everyone do something crazy.

I'm not sure if this is a total oddball episode, or a very clever way of dealing with PJ and Bobby's attempt to move in together.

The idea that the change of seasons would make everyone go complete crazy is a tad silly for this show, but the results are funny...

And it does lead easily into a wonderful tale about PJ and Bobby's relationship.

Oddball or clever?

Season 3, Episode 7. "Facebook the Past" PJ meets an ex, and encourages Bobby to keep in touch with his ex's. Kenny's obsession with Facebook spreads to the gang.

The strongest episode this season and possibly the best episode of the show so far. It's really, really funny and it captures the feeling one gets from being with a group of friends, while - and this is why I love it - reflecting the changes that affect us all in this age of online social network sites (like Facebook).

Lots of what happened had me chuckling and nodding in agreement.

But more important than that: lots of what happened had me laughing hysterically.

Season 3, Episode 8. "Friends of Friends" PJ makes friends with a friend of Stephanie's. Mike and Kenny invite a friend to the gang. Brendan wants Bobby to speak to his friend (Brendan's boss) on his behalf.

The show effortlessly takes on a topic and makes it funny. Having Martin Mull as a guest helps.

It doesn't matter that it's predictable. It's funny and the cast shines.

Season 3, Episode 9. "Spring Training" Arizona.

Another of those complete-departure-from-formula episode that the show likes to do. This time out the whole gang (except Andy) head to Arizona for Cubs spring training.

Most of the episode is devoted to PJ trying to find suitable subject matter for her next column. She finds it by the end of the episode and learns a lesson. And - to be honest - it's a sweet enjoyable journey and it makes for a good episode.

The episode's cliff-hanger ending is wonderful. But frustrating. The show teased us with a potential romance between two of the regular characters in the last moments of Season Two. They ignored this development all season and, now, in the closing seconds of Season Three they unveil the next stage in the romance!!


The show only gets 9 episodes a season. Why don't they hurry it up a bit, huh? Dragging something like this (which promises to be a lot of fun to watch) out for two years before showing it is very frustrating to the fans.

Just sayin'...

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